Partnering With NHSBT

Our partnerships are a vital part of our work. They help us achieve our objectives while maximising the benefit of working with others to reach audiences to promote donation.

We are seeking partners to help increase the number of people donating blood and joining the NHS Organ Donor Register.

There is a constant demand for blood from hospitals, so it is important that we maintain blood stocks across all blood groups, especially those in greatest demand. We need to attract 200,000 new donors each year to replace those who can no longer donate for health or other reasons. We are especially looking to work with partners who can help us recruit more young blood donors - those aged 17-24 years old, to help us protect the blood supply in the future.

Nurses attending a donor

There are around 10,000 people in the UK currently in need of an organ transplant, and three people die every day due to a shortage of organs. Whilst the majority of people support organ donation, only 32% of the population have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register. We need to increase this number so that more and more life-saving transplants are possible, but more importantly, encourage everyone to have a conversation about organ donation with their families, so suitable organs don`t go to waste. Currently 40% of families asked to donate refuse consent for organ donation. Families are more likely to say no to donation when their loved one is not on the register or when they don't know what their loved one wanted.

We especially want to hear from partners who can help us reach those who are under-represented on the Organ Donor Register - over 50's, those from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background and those who are in lower income groups.

We are interested in speaking to brands, organisations, charities and government departments that have positive relationships with the public and would like to explore how we can communicate together about either blood or organ donation, or both.

Please note, this is not a grant-funding opportunity, as we are interested in developing low / no cost partnerships.

To discuss how we can work together, please email

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