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Words save lives

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Download our materials to get people talking about organ donation

Talking to your family about organ donation can help prevent a deadly shortage of donors.

We need more people in London to talk about organ donation to increase the number of transplants taking place. 

Our Words Saves Lives campaign starts in January 2018 and aims to encourage people to share their donation decision with their family.

1 in 5

people waiting for an organ transplant live in our capital city

6 in 10

people waiting are from black or Asian communities
Words save lives - male patient image

A reluctance to talk about organ donation is contributing to a deadly shortage of organs and leaving families to make a difficult decision when someone they love dies. 

Three people die every day waiting for an organ.

We can change that, though we need your support to get people talking.

Please share our videos! 

We also have a play-list of videos to help people learn about the lifesaving impact donors have, how it feels to wait for a transplant and the comfort organ donation brings to grieving families.  

You can share or embed these videos on your own sites and channels.

Organ donation myths

Don’t be swayed by misinformation! Check out our myth-busting video here, you might be surprised by what you learn...

Let's talk about it

Download our stakeholder pack

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Social media graphics

Use our social media graphics on your channels from 8th January onwards.

We’ve got graphics perfectly sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

Here’s some suggested social media posts for you to support our work:

  • Words Save Lives. If you want to be an organ donor your family need to know. Don’t leave them to make the decision alone. #YesIDonate
  • Millions of people in the UK have registered as organ donors via the NHS Organ Donor Register. Join them #YesIDonate
  • Organ donors save or transform up to nine people’s lives. Register as a donor and share your decision with your family #YesIDonate

 Web and email materials

  • Add a screensaver to your desktop to show your support
  • Add a banner to your website / intranet homepage

Skyscraper banners

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160 x 600


120 x 600

Words save lives skyscraper wide - child patient


160 x 600


120 x 600

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160 x 600


120 x 600

Email copy

We have also provided copy that can be circulated internally to employees via en email, newsletter, or e-bulletin.

Download e-mail copy (Word document)

Download and display our posters

A4 posters