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Organ Donation Week

Download our Organ Donation Week campaign materials

Join us in using them during 4-10 September to get people talking about organ donation.

  • Have members of your family ever talked about what you would do if one of you needed a heart, liver, kidney or other organ transplant to live?
  • Would you accept a life-saving organ from a donor?
  • If you would take an organ, would you be prepared to donate yours to save lives when you die?


Encourage people to talk about organ donation during the campaign by sharing the messages and graphics. While most people support organ donation, many people don’t realise that their family’s support is needed for organ donation to go ahead.

If you want to save lives, a few words can make an extraordinary difference.

Social media graphics

Use our social media graphics on your channels during Organ Donation Week 4-11 September.

We've got graphics sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you can share.

Please follow our social media channels and share our posts.

Web and email materials

Want to get involved? You could do one of the following:

 Links to all our resources are available on this page.

Download and display an A4 poster



There are four poster designs with messaging aimed at families, the over 50s and black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Print one of our Organ Donation Week posters and display it in your offices or community areas:

Use our videos to help people learn about the extraordinary impact of organ donation

You can share or embed these videos on your own sites and channels.

Hugs: Freddie and Louie

Freddie, from Yorkshire, received a liver transplant in 2015. "The person who is responsible for Freddie’s gift left a legacy they will never have the honour of knowing about. If you, your child or anyone close to you ever needs an organ, you’ll know the desperation felt by families on the transplant list.”

Watch the film on YouTube