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Help Save Your Neighbour's Life


We need 40,000 more black donors!

40,000 more black donors of all blood groups are needed to meet the growing demand for better matched blood, and there is a particular need for a special subtype of blood called Ro which is more common in black people. Currently, only 1% of people who give blood in England are black, but with your help we can change this.



Register 50, 75 or 100 members of your church to become blood donors!

Email Geraldine Parker to request to receive a pack in the post with further information.

In the gospels, Christ commissioned us to save others. By giving blood, we can save lives. This modern-day miracle can be performed by people like you and me

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin Diocese of London


Spread the word about the need for blood donation by having a donation-themed service, using this prayer and our free resources.

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin encourages The Church to give blood

We sat down with the Reverend Rose to discuss blood donation in the black community. Here is what she had to say.

Sickle cell statistics
People in the UK are living with sickle cell disease
Babies are born with sickle cell disease every year
More black donors needed to help save lives

A sickle cell patient's story

Has someone at your church got a story to tell?

Perhaps one of your church members lives with a blood condition and would like to share their story, in order to give the public a better understanding of the need for blood donors.

What are the blood donor sessions like?


Worship leader Donna Akodu's encouragement to future blood donors

Here's what South London Worship Leader Donna Akodu had to say about her first donation experience.

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  • Encouragement from The New Testament
  • Ways that NHSBT and your church can work together
  • Ways to get involved in national blood donation campaigns

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'Join us as we support NHS Give Blood to sign up 40,000 new black blood donors. Your donation could save up to 3 lives, register at https://www.blood.co.uk/ today!'




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“I've become a blood donor because to love is a verb, love propelled me to do something.And this is just my small act of LOVE."

Donna Akodu

Worship leader

"I am a strong believer in being the hands and feet of Jesus whilst here on earth, and what better way is there than to be a help for someone in their time of need. Similar to that of Jesus’ blood, our blood too can save a life. Give blood today and let’s make a difference."

Faith Child

Christian rap artist