Sharonjeet's Story

Sharonjeet was no more than eight months old when...

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British Bone Marrow Registry

What is the British Bone Marrow Registry?

The British Bone Marrow Registry is a division of NHS Blood and Transplant, working in co-operation with...

How do I donate?

There are two possible ways of donating stem cells that you may be asked to consider. The first, and most frequently used, is to donate stem...

How can I join the register?

You need to be aged 17-40 years old (registered before your 41st birthday), male and be a blood donor. We also accept females, within the same age range, from Black, Asian, minority ethnicities and mixed ethnicity backgrounds...

Why do we need bone marrow/stem cell donors?

There are a number of diseases that prevent a patient's bone marrow from working properly...

What are the risks?

Stem cell donation is very safe. However, no medical procedure is entirely without risk. Both forms of stem cell collection mentioned on this...

Read about Josie and Ignacio's story

Josie Manhambara was given the chance to help save the life of a boy who lived over 7,000 miles away in Chile.

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Bone marrow stem cells are the building blocks of normal blood cells.


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