NHSBT is a leading scientific blood and transplant organisation.

Our Clinical Directorate brings together the specialists responsible for the care and treatment of donors and patients and the Research and Development teams across all operational areas of NHSBT.

NHSBT clinicians provide expert clinical advice and support to hospital colleagues. They are also involved in the care of patients.

We work with leaders in the UK and internationally in the fields of donation, transfusion and transplant to improve donor and patient safety and patient outcomes.

Our Research and Development programmes demonstrate the continuing contribution that we are making in the fields of patient and donor health.

Key achievements

  • The NHSBT R&D Triennial Report 2009-2012 was published
  • During 2012/2013 we had Published papers in 64 journals. Including 3/4 Published in Nature.
  • A cutting-edge donor health research study commenced. The INTERVAL study will determine whether donors can safely donate blood more frequently than the current guidelines
  • QUOD, a research project to predict which organs can be used, along with strategies to maintain their viability between donation and transplantation

Delegates at the 2012 NHSBT Clinical Research & Development Conference

Annual Review

Annual Review Front Cover


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